About Our Services

Our team of Design Engineers work with customers to optimize component design and specifications considering the product’s end use applications. The result is a cost effective and reliable die cast product design that is optimized for the die cast process, secondary finishing operations and final product application. The team has also pioneered component and process redesigns that have resulted in mult-cavity solutions which provide the customer with significant cost reductions.

We are able to offer prototyping services in partnership with our partner companies

The tools are designed in accordance to the customer component design by a team objectf tool engineers using state of the art software including Pro – E and Master CAM. Die/Tool part models are machined using Master CAM and PRO Manufacturing. Dolphin’s Tool room is equipped with 2 Three Axis Vertical Machining Center, 2 CNC Electro Discharge Machine and 1 ZNC Electro Discharge Machine apart from various conventional machines to manufacture dies suitable for up to 800 Ton Die Casting Machines.

5 High pressure Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines of various capacities ranging from 120 to 800 ton are used to manufacture high precision Aluminum and Zinc components ranging from 6 Gms. to 2000 Gms. Dolphin’s diverse range of castings include Process Control & Instrumentation, Automotive, Textile Machinery, Pump parts, Electronic and Telecom, Electrical Connectors, Motor Housings, Lighting Frames, Outdoor Grills, LED Lighting Frames and Furniture parts.

Equipped with 3 Four Axis Vertical Machining Centres, 1 Three Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 3 CNC Turning Centres, 1 SUHNER Pitch Controlled Tapping Machine and Conventional Machines including Milling, Drilling and Tapping machines, Dolphin is able to provide precision CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Reaming, Drilling, Tapping of aluminum and Zinc castings with High Dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.005 mm on ID, +/- .010 mm on OD and Center Distances. Our precision machining capabilities match international standards of quality and process capability. Thin wall Die Cast Electrical connectors and flow measurement housings are some examples of our machined castings.

Our Comprehensive range of services include ready to assemble castings that are Powder Coated / Painted. An in-house powder coating facility with Hot Degreasing and Chemical Treatment tanks with Process for parts to withstand 480 hours of salt spray testing, 4 cells of GEMA Powder Coating Equipment has been established thus reducing lead times for supplies while also providing effective assurance of quality. Dophin currently supplies Powder Coated/ Painted flow control and process control components to various companies around the world.

We are able to provide sub assembly solutions which include procuring of parts and sub assembling and supplying.

We are able to provide various logistical solutions to our customers on a case to case basis at a nominal cost reducing lead times.